Grégoire Desplanques

Director of Operations and Innovation

Gregoire has a unique professional background that combines strong academic credentials and extensive experience in management of innovation and technology transfer; he has held a series of positions related to management and fostering of innovation.

Prior to joining Modus, Grégoire worked for six years as a Research and Development consultant, where he supported approximately 100 companies with the management and financing of their innovation strategy. These companies ranged in size and field (phytopharmaceutical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, agri-food) and included international public-private partnerships.

He also led several missions for a biotech innovation hub in Brittany, France, related to funding of technological breakthroughs and appraisal of innovative toxicological methods and he oversaw the creation of a scientific network for innovative bio-imaging technology for a regional cluster of scientific organizations in Western France.

Grégoire holds a PhD in Oncology from the University of Nantes and Parma (Italy), where he studied the impacts of Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins family members in cell survival and in DNA damage. Before his PhD, he completed a MSc in Molecular, Cellular Biology and Physiopathology at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Canada) and Angers (France).