Angély Loubert

PharmD, MSc
Statistician I

Angély is both a pharmacist and a biostatistician. After graduating from his pharmaceutical studies at Montpellier University, with a research/industry major, he completed an MSc with honors in Biostatistics from Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University in 2017.

Angély has a wide range of skills and working experience, from retail pharmacy to hospital and research laboratories, in France and Japan. He has taken part in clinical research projects in oncology, pharmacology and rare diseases.

Angély is currently a PhD student within Modus Outcomes in collaboration with the academic INSERM Unit 1246 SPHERE (MethodS for Patient-centered outcomes and HEalth REsearch) of the University of Nantes (France). His PhD work explores the application of the Rasch model to clinical research to improve the precision and performance of measurement models used to demonstrate the efficacy of new treatments.