Paul Williams

Paul Williams

Research Scientist I

Paul completed his MSc in Health Psychology at King’s College London (KCL) and is currently completing his PhD at City, University of London (CUoL).

Paul’s PhD employed mixed methods research to explore what barriers and enablers men experience in relation to utilising treatment for sexual dysfunction. Based on a series of qualitative interviews followed by a quantitative questionnaire-based study, the research attempts to lay the foundation for a psychological intervention aimed at supporting men to make effective use of available treatments.

Prior to studying for his PhD, Paul occupied a number of research positions. Working at KCL as a Research Associate, Paul was involved in carrying out an evaluation of an intervention aimed at increasing medication adherence for patients with Osteoporosis. A second research project involved investigating the arduousness of being a Police Inspector in London which employed a country wide survey of all UK police inspectors. Working at CUoL, Paul carried out a piece of research investigating the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in men with cardiovascular disease and facilitated the design of a study investigating what constitutes successful transition from child to adult care in the NHS for patients suffering with congenital heart disease.

Paul has experience of carrying out qualitative interviews across a number of chronic diseases including conditions of a sensitive nature. Among other skills, Paul has experience of applying for and obtaining ethical approval, carrying out study design, recruiting difficult patient populations as well as designing interview schedules and questionnaires. Finally, Paul has carried out a variety of literature reviews and has published several academic peer reviewed papers.