Inga Gruß

Senior Research Scientist

Inga is an anthropologist and experienced qualitative researcher who has extensive experience conducting health services research in integrated healthcare delivery systems and federally qualified health centers.

In collaborations with different healthcare stakeholders, she has worked on projects in chronic disease prevention, social and medical care integration, implementation of evidence-based guidelines, and breast cancer treatment shared-decision making.

Her methodological tool kit includes working with a wide variety of data such as interview transcripts, diary entries, photographs, meeting recordings, and ethnographic observations, and analyzing these rigorously with different techniques such as content analysis, realist evaluation, or qualitative comparative analysis. Prior to working in healthcare research, she applied her research skills in many different contexts as teacher and researcher: from assessing skills profiles of long-term unemployed individuals in the Netherlands, to understanding the lives of Myanmar migrants in Thailand, to analyzing software preferences of designers in Germany, as well as teaching qualitative research methods to students at a small liberal arts college.

Amplifying the voice of the patient through rigorous research has been at the heart of the majority of Inga’s research. She has been the recipient of several grants and first-authored more than a dozen publications. Inga holds a PhD in cultural anthropology from Cornell University.