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Catherine Savard

Research Scientist I

Mary Catherine Savard is an experienced qualitative researcher with a robust background in both health and mental health. After graduating from Boston College and becoming a registered nurse, Catherine practiced nursing through a family-centered perspective, primarily with underserved populations and/or in urban areas. After earning her MSW from Columbia University, she began a more macro-level approach to health care and non-profit management, inclusive of her time working on a year-long qualitative examination of motivators and detractors of volunteers in low-income urban areas. During her time in New York City, Catherine worked as the managing nurse for children with high medical needs who were a part of the foster care system.

Catherine’s doctorate in Human Development was granted from Harvard University where she worked on several research projects including a national, multi-site early literacy program through the YMCA-USA. Catherine’s original dissertation research involved more than 50 qualitative, parent-child dyad interviews geared toward examining parents’ social expectations for bystander behavior in the face of bullying.

Before joining Modus Outcomes, Catherine most recently spent six years working as an adjunct faculty member at Simmons University teaching research and evaluation methods. In that role, she guided Master of Social Work students through learning to write research proposals to meet organizational and national levels of need.