The development of scales to measure childhood cancer survivors’ readiness for transition to long-term follow-up care as adults.
Klassen AF, Rosenberg-Yunger ZR, D’Agostino NM, Cano SJ, Barr R, Syed I, Granek L, Greenberg ML, Dix D, Nathan PC. Journal: Health Expectations.
E-Published: July 2014

Viewpoint: Interpreting clinical differences in BREAST-Q© scores – Minimal Important Difference.
Cano SJ, Klassen AF, Scott A, Alderman A, Pusic A. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 134(1) 173-175

Stefan was also interviewed by the Times newspaper in the UK: “Tweets, Selfies and Surgery Trends by Antonia Mariconda” (15th July 2014)