Both Stefan and Patrick participated as faculty or speaker in ISPOR sessions focused on good COAs measurement practices and methods.

– Sunday June1: Short Course Program in Patient-Reported Outcomes Methods
Applied Mixed Methods to establish content validity of Patient -Reported ( PRO), Clinician- Reported (ClinRo) and Observer-Reported Outcome (ObsRo) Assessments.
Faculty: Donald Patrick, MSPH, PhD; Laurie Burke, RPh, MPH; Jeremy Hobart, PhD, FRCP; Stefan J. Cano, PhD

– Monday June 2: Ispor Forums – Session 1: Ispor Clinician Reported Outcomes Good Measurement Practices
Moderator: John H. Powers, III, MD, FACP, FIDSA
Speakers: Laurie B. Burke; Patrick Marquis, MD, MBA; Ashley Slagle, PhD, MS