Modus Outcomes was pleased to attend and co-sponsor the IMEKO conference August 3-5th in Berkeley.

Imeko SC

Stefan Cano presented on psychometrics & measurement in partnership with Ted Vosk, Jack Stenner, and Leslie Pendrill.

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Invited talk

Why the quality of person-centered metrics counts in healthcare: past, principles and progress. Cano SJ, Pendrill L. GPCC Seminar, University of Göteborg, Sweden (May 2016)

Oral presentation

Metrological standards for use in healthcare decision making: An update on research involving the BREAST-Q. Cano SJ, Pendrill L. International Outcome Measurement Workshop, Washington, USA (April, 2016)

Stefan is on the organizing committee of IMEKO TC1-TC7-TC13, Joint Symposium 2016, University of California, Berkeley, 3-5 August 2016