Farrah Pompilus

Farrah PompilusFarrah Pompilus, MA, Research Scientist

Farrah is a qualitative research specialist who is currently completing her PhD in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) at the Massachusetts College of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences (MCPHS) University. She initially studied Psychology and completed her Masters from the University of North Florida.

As a Research Scientist at Modus Outcomes, Farrah will consult on the development Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) instruments, PRO endpoint selection, and FDA and EMA briefing documents and dossiers as well as conduct patient-centered qualitative research, gap analyses, literature reviews, and instrument reviews for optimal measurement strategy.

Farrah’s PhD thesis involves a 6-year longitudinal study on the health-related quality of life of families living in rural Haiti pre- and post- the 2010 earthquake. Research is ongoing.

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