Ad Board

In order to best achieve our goals we feel it essential that we engage with and have mentorship from researchers at the highest level

As such we have invited experts and leaders in the fields of health outcomes, psychometrics, and clinical measurement to join our scientific advisory board and contribute to ensure the rigor of the practices and processes that we are engaged in to develop better COAs for industry.

Adboard and team

Photo credit: Modus Outcomes Global Team & our Scientific Ad Board, October 2016


David Andrich, PHD

David Andrich, PHD
(Chapple Professor of Education)

John Browne, PHD

John Browne, PHD
(Professor of Health Services Research)

William Fisher Bio

William Fisher, PHD, (Research Associate University of California, Berkeley)

Anna Mayhew, PHD

Anna Mayhew, PHD (Consultant Research Physiotherapist)

Leslie Pendrill

Leslie Pendrill, PHD
(Adj prof, Researcher,
SP Metrology
EURAMET delegate)

Jack Stenner Bio

Jack Stenner, PHD
(CEO and Chairman of Metametrics Inc)











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